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Dimitrios Charoulis

After graduating the Dental Faculty in 2004 as top of the class receiving the title of DMD, Dimitrios D. Charoulis became a Teaching Assistant and Resident at the RWTH University of Aachen in Germany. At the department of Periodontology he conducted a clinical research in the field of Aggressive Periodontitis which led him to his Doctorate title awarded with “magna cum laude” (Prof. Dr. F. Lampert, Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. H. Spiekermann) in 2007. He completed a Master of Science postgraduate program in “Lasers in Dentistry” at the RWTH Aachen University and was also active as teaching stuff in the program. Continuing his education in Austria, at the University of Krems in the field of Oral Surgery and Implantology he became a certified Oral Surgeon.

Following his professional training Dr. D. Charoulis is a partner and senior surgeon in a Private Clinic in Baden Württemberg Germany, while parallel he has established a private practice in Greece orientated in Full Mouth Rehabilitations, Implantology and Aesthetic Dentistry.

He is an active International Speaker, Hands On Lecturer and runs his own courses also. His fields of work are Aesthetic Hard and Soft Tissue Management in Implant Dentistry, Bone and Soft tissue Grafting and Reconstructive Techniques, Lateral and Vertical Tissue Reconstructions as well as Implant Prosthetic Treatment. Dr. D. Charoulis is an active member of major dental societies and an associate oral surgeon in several private clinics, treating patients both in Greece and Germany.